Brian Ó hUigínn

Image from a public election campaign in 1918
Public domain

Brian Ó hUigínn/Brian O’Higgins (1882-1963). Born in Kilskyre, Co. Meath, the youngest of 14 children, Ó hUigínn was a student at Coláiste na Mumhan in 1906.

He was an Irish revolutionary, poet, Gaelic revivalist, Sinn Féin politician and a founding member of that organisation.

He was a member of the Volunteer reserves in the Rising in 1916, and was interned in Frongoch following the Rising.

Ó hUigínn was a TD in the first Dáil and President of Sinn Féin from 1931 to 1933. He wrote numerous ballads and poems about Ireland.


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